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“We create furniture not for years, but for centuries.”
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Advantages of PJSC "Yavir"

Good cooperation

More than 4 dozen dealer companies in Ukraine and Europe selling our products. Which allows for fast delivery.

Environmental standards

Our company cares about the production of furniture products made of quality wood, to meet all standards.


PJSC “Yavir” has its own online store, which enables  to order our products without interruption.

Guaranteed quality

For more than half a century, the company has been in the furniture manufacturing market, during which time it has gained an impeccable reputation.

Great staff

The large staff of the company will ensure that all orders are fulfilled as soon as possible.

Innovative solutions

We work side by side with the best professionals to help us produce top quality furniture.

Our story

As far back as 1935, a furniture manufacturing factory was established on the basis of Count Glukhovsky’s private workshop.

Only 20 kilometers to the west of the ancient city  Lviv, just in the center of the main European watershed, a picturesque town  Ivano-Frankove is situated. The town with a  400-years old glorious history and land of reputed  carvers and  cabinetmakers.

In 1935 at the private studio of  Count Glukhovskaya  the factory for manufacturing furniture was established. The enterprise  evolved and had passed the test of time, wars and changing of political systems.

Today the PJSC “Yavir” is a highly mechanized modern enterprise, our production base  enables us to produce  furniture of high quality and exquisite design. Manufacturing our products we use the newest  technology of wood processing and  modern environmentally friendly raw materials and components, which ensure long life of our furniture.

PJSC “Yavir” is specialized in manufacturing of stylish furniture, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, wardrobes, small size furniture and furniture on demand. For making facades and finishes shells of wood we use the wood of valuable species such as oak, ash, cherry, walnut.

Our products can satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs of customers.

It is time to return the tradition demise songs, rituals, customs … and our beautiful and comfortable furniture that adorn our lives and help to keep in our memory the most pleasant moments.

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